Common Conditions We Treat

Lupus, psoriasis, alopecia, etc, 
rarely find help in the system. We have different plans.
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Gut & Digestion
Celiac, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Food Intolerance and Allergies, Crohn’s and UC, IBS
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Chronic Fatigue/Pain
Patients suffering from chronic conditions often can get better with our fresh approach.
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We have a large group of thyroid patients. Many feel better and come off their old meds.
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Our approach aims to achieve long-term, sustainable mental health as gently as possible. 
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Many headache/migraine cases can be effectively treated through our more gentle and natural approach.
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This chronic condition afflicts many of our patients. Most don’t get relief with conventional treatments.
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Multiple Sclerosis
Catching MS early is key to stopping its progression. Many MS patients live perfectly normal lives. 
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Get the support you need

30 Minutes – Initial, in-depth Consultations
Longer Appointments For New Patients & More Complex Issues

New patients must book a 30 minute appointment for their first visit. We want to get to know you, find the root of your concerns, and help you feel better…not just pack as many patients in a day as possible.

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15 Minutes – Follow-up Consultations
Current Patient Follow-up Appointments

  • Refill prescriptions – evaluate current dosages
  • Current patient follow up appointments to monitor progress
  • Questions requiring more time than quick emails 

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