Is Your Fish Oil Rancid?!

The Fish Oil Story Most people have heard that fish oil is important for your health. Our grandparents knew this a long time ago.  Fish oil is not a new invention.  Let's take a minute to really appreciate the benefits of deep, cold water fish oil with high omega 3's:  The fatty acids from fish oil [...]

Healthy Detoxifying With Juices

Fresh, raw, organic vegetable juices are important for optimizing your health. They are the best way to optimize your vitamin, enzyme and mineral consumption. Juices alkalinize your blood, which as mentioned in my article “Which Diet is Best?” is linked with decreasing morbidity and mortality. As discussed in my article on Heartburn, we generally produce […]

Why Eat Gluten Free?

What Do Doctors Know About Gluten? I was not taught about gluten in medical school. In fact, one of the reasons I started researching nutritional science was because of the hypocrisy I faced everyday in a medical system that is inherently flawed. I’m not sure if people realize, nutrition is not taught in medical school, […]

Meaty “Pizza Pie”

This meaty dish is so delicious,  I’m embarrased to tell you how much I just ate. Prep time: 20 minutes total of chopping and sautéing, however you need to bake the spaghetti squash for 45 minutes to one hour. Ingredients: 2 pounds of ground beef 1 large or 2 small spaghetti squash 3 eggs 1 […]