About Chronic Pain

The draining, consistent pain you feel may be caused by many different factors. Certain auto-immune conditions are often the culprit, allergies, lack of proper nutrition or an incorrect diet, or a number of other causes. We will look to discover the root causes of your symptoms, and approach the medical plan and solution from there. Our goal is not just to cover up your pain, but to cure it.

Pain medications are sometimes necessary in acute situations when nothing else will help quickly, but a much more nuanced and approach is necessary to obtain long-term relief. This is the approach we take, and many of our patients really do enjoy relief from their pain, as well as increased energy, happier mood, and better quality of life. 

Our Medicine

♦  Our video visits give you the full attention of an experienced medical doctor without having to leave the comfort of your home.

♦  You will receive a consultation that is customized and focused to your specific complaint

♦  Your doctor will probe and attempt to understand the root causes of your concerns, not just look to give you a “band-aid”

♦  If you have specific questions about different treatment options, information you have researched, or personal experience, please share this with the doctor. We look at all evidenced-based potential medical solutions to find the best possible treatments

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