The Fish Oil Story

Most people have heard that fish oil is important for your health. Our grandparents knew this a long time ago.  Fish oil is not a new invention. 

Let’s take a minute to really appreciate the benefits of deep, cold water fish oil with high omega 3’s:  The fatty acids from fish oil are important for heart health, nerve health and brain function, to name just a few helpful parts of our body.  The Omega 3 in fish oil combats the inflammatory effects of omega 6 oils, which are a big concern in today’s diet.

However… All Fish Oil Is Not Created Equal!

Just like most everything these days, to get the wonderful health benefits of fish oil, you have to know what you’re looking for and how to decipher a good product from a waste of money.

First, a good fish oil must be molecularly or nitrogen distilled, to ensure that the fish oil is not oxidized or rancid.  If you don’t see the method of distillation, do not buy it.

Second, a good fish oil must be third party tested for heavy metals – a big concern in today’s toxic world.

Third, make sure that there is a good amount of DHA, which research shows improves inflammation.  Generally, the ideal amount of DHA per day is at least 1 gram, but often for chronic issues, as much as 3 grams daily is recommended.