Fruit popsicles, frozen berries, pineapple, blueberries, healthy, organic, kids love it!Beautiful, decorative, organic frozen popsicles, easy to make


Prep time: 10 minutes

Two flavors we love:

Coconut milk/Berry                                                                        Pineapple/blueberry

1. 1 cup coconut milk                                                                           1. 1 organic pineapple

2. 1 cup organic berries of your liking                                              2. 1 cup organic blueberries

3.  1 banana


Chose the flavor you want and then blend all ingredients in a food processor.

Both flavors have a lot of health benefits.

Coconut milk and berries are synergistic and offer powerful antioxidants

Pineapple is high is vitamins, and bromelain, which is a great digestive aid.

Put in popsicle mold of your choice, and freeze! (I got this mold at Target)