Book your consultation from home

We provide effective and progressive unique medical solutions to patients who are struggling with their current options and either can’t find doctors who can help them, can’t get to such doctors, or can’t afford them.

At RHG Medicine, you can:

  • schedule from home
  • find a time that works for you
  • see your experienced, board-certified M.D. online for your convenience

Make your payment

  • Make your payment safely and securely at the same time you make your appointment. 
  • You receive a confirmation of payment email, as well as a confirmation by email that your appointment has been scheduled

Tell Us About You

New patients receive an invitation to register for our secure Patient Portal. There, you will:

  • complete a simple, but important online intake form
  • your doctor can then review your symptoms before your visit
  • maximize time available during the consultation to give patients as much information as possible

Existing patients can skip this step and relax while waiting for their appointment time to arrive. It’s a good idea to make sure that your video settings, including video and sound are working properly though.

See The Doctor

Go to our simple, HIPAA-compliant and secure online waiting room at

  • Simply “check-in” with just your name to let your doctor know you are there and ready
  • “Allow” the site you use your camera and mic for the video appointment
  • Now is a good time to organize all the questions you have for the doctor if you haven’t already
  • Wait for your doctor to start your video visit