While the U.S. health care system is a world leader in research, funding, precision, and organization, it is still a massive system with many people slipping through the cracks or not getting the type of care they need.

In particular for chronic conditions, even if a patient has seen the “top specialist” in the field, one often gets the sense that there is no real guarantee that he or she will be helped or get better. Oftentimes patients are told there is nothing wrong with them even as they continue to complain at appointment after appointment about the difficulty their symptoms cause them on a daily basis.

The problem is that the system has its limits, and with all the funding necessary to make hospitals and clinics clean, organized, and state-of-the-conventional-art, money starts to run the show. Though many providers have good intentions and want to help their patients, even the education most doctors get has been geared and tracked toward the direction in which pharmaceutical and insurance companies can make money.

There are, however, alternative doctors, and progressive, cutting-edge treatments that are proven for many ailments that currently go untreated because doctors don’t know about them or won’t use them, or patients never learn about them.

This has all changed with the free-flow of information that we now see today. Patients are more educated, and treatment information is more available than ever before.

The only problem that has remained is getting doctors to use lesser-known, but effective treatments, and change their medical world-view from using pharmaceutical atomic bombs on the body to first using delicate diplomacy (life-style modifications can fix many, many ailments if the patient is motivated and has the right education and information), then precision-guided smaller munitions (progressive, functional medicine tests and lesser-known, gentler and more effective medications that don’t make a lot of money for pharmaceutical companies).

Patients are not getting the help they need. Even when they do find doctors that can and are willing to help them, it often costs them a small fortune or they must travel long distances. RHG Medicine helps fix this problem.

We make convenient and inexpensive access to today’s most cutting-edge and progressive medical techniques available to patients by keeping our running costs down and passing the savings on. We use video visits on computers and smartphones with doctors experienced in progressive treatments to accomplish this.

The service combination we provide of evidenced-based, progressive medicine delivered by video has helped thousands of patients feel better when nothing else could. It makes us feel good when we can help you feel good.