raw kale pesto zucchini pastaSavory, Garlicky, Raw Zucchini Pasta


I admit I am a little obsessed with kale.  I also made a huge batch of kale pesto and my family can not get enough.  I have been pretty much putting it on everything (salmon, my gluten-free oat challah, eggs, etc.).  This pesto adds so much flavor!

Once you make the kale pesto (see last post) it is so easy to make this dish.

All you do is take a few zucchini and peel them with a standard peeler down to the core.  First you peel off the skin, and then you continue peeling off thin “pasta”-like strands.  Then, toss with pesto. This picture displays the strands from just one green zucchini tossed with pesto.

This dish can be served as a main dish or as a beautiful salad garnished with walnuts or pecans.

Super healthy, light, and delicious.