Healthy Gluten Free PassoverIn preparation for Passover I want to introduce you all to a healthy Passover site that I recently discovered and ordered all my passover staples from:  Click here to check out the site.

I ordered their BPA-free coconut milk, coconut flour and honey.  I plan to make coconut milk stews, ice-cream and dressings.  I also have a delicious recipe for coconut flour brownies, coming soon.

I was also excited to learn that the OU is recommending Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Passover use.  You can substitute coconut oil for margarine in all your favorite Passover dishes for added health benefits.  I am a huge fan of coconut oil and use it daily in my cooking and baking, it has medium chain fatty acids which absorb wonderfully, and can withstand the high temperature of cooking without getting oxidized like olive oil.

I will be posting my favorite Passover recipes leading up to Passover so be on the lookout!  Delicious almond flour matzo balls, meat pizza “pie”, and crock pot ribs that will make your mouth water…..  coming soon. 🙂